November 1, 2019

"The most important item in a woman's wardrobe - the wig! Ladies - this salon is a gem, tucked discreetly in a small shopping area in Clark, N.J. that I discovered about a year and a half ago, as I sought a "wig" salon closer to home. As a traditionally "real hair" only person, I have long been skeptical of "synthetic" but I concede I gave synthetic little attention (thinking I suppose that today's wigs were like our mother's and grandmother's) until the day I walked into Wigs Naturally. This salon is filled with lovely hair in all shapes, styles, colors and stylists doing routine styling on pieces which was also impressive. I wanted quality, high-end "synthetic" and experienced, knowledgeable, friendly professionals - women who really "know their stuff". I found it here. This salon is on par with Manhattan and other big city salons that I have frequented. Prices are fair as is the service fees for initial consultations, routine cleaning and styling, etc. NOTE: (1). I just read criticism about consultation fees; ridiculous criticism. ALL wig salons and independents that I have frequented charge for this so criticism about fees and any expectation of "free" (medical related or not) is ridiculous. Sorry people - order from a catalog if you feel that way. (2). Women's Salon Only; Not a "Men's Salon" - another criticism I saw in the yelp reviews. It's ignorance I suppose: hair pieces for men and women are sourced differently from around the world and requirements and knowledge is quite different. If this wig salon in Clark, N.J. is a niche salon for women, so be it. People can search out the super salons that cater to both, if they want. OR they can search out the men or salons that cater to men only which is also a niche. I hope the above is useful."
October 14, 2019

"I have taken my mom to a few different places to find the right wig for her thinning hair. I never experienced such caring people who genuinely cared and wanted hr to walk out of there feeling beautiful, and she did! I would recommend no other place! Dottie and Carol are the best!"
July 27, 2019

Wide Assortment of Stock

"They know their business for sure,... Carol and her partner have a wide assortment of stock, ..if you go in before you lose your hair, she can match it perfectly, color and style,...& They can trim a look if you want,..this is the experience we had ,.. their prices are very reasonable, Even after consultation, they were very patient, and made you feel comfortable, and reassured."
June 15, 2019

Never Disappointed in Their Quality of Work

"Wigs Naturally is a unique place. I have used their services for over 20 years to purchase and care for my wigs. Never have I been disappointed in the quality of their work. While they offer very professional advice and assistance, Nancy and her staff have a warmth and sincerity that I treasure. It has always been a pleasure to do business with them."
June 15, 2019

Very Comfortable

"After being diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago I found Wigs Naturally. I found many options and they made me feel very comfortable. In fact I received many compliments on my new hair style. I love going to Wigs Naturally as the staff is very friendly and helpful."