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One of the largest selections of natural-looking wigs in New Jersey.

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With 40 years experience, Nancy has been the owner and operator of Wigs Naturally for the past 29 years. Although she has worked in both traditional salons as well as in wig salons she feels that her work on wigs is more important and more rewarding.

"When I can make a customer feel better about the way they look, it puts a smile on my face"



Linda has been styling wigs for over 40 years and with Wigs Naturally for 20 years. She loves the artistry of wig designing and has a strong background in theatrical design. She's been called upon to design wigs by the producers of the hit TV show, "Trading Spaces." Linda loves a challenge and likes high style, funky and artistic styling.

Customers form lasting relationships with Linda always remarking on her abundant kindness. She still receives cards and sentiments from customers she worked on 20 years ago.



Carol has been with Wigs Naturally for 25 years. She is an expert at helping customers find just the right look. She can take any wig and vastly improve it with her styling skills. Carol has received "thank you" letters from customers who just came in to purchase a turban.

"We do everything we can to make people look and feel better. And we know it's working because of all the letters."



Dorothy has been with Wigs Naturally for 12 years. She began her career at a traditional salon working there for 10 years. She, then, took some time off to raise a family before starting at Wigs Naturally. Since coming here she has built a loyal and devoted following.

"I find it very rewarding helping people. You get a feeling working with the customers here that you'd never get at a regular salon. After all of these years working with people on chemo, I've learned so much and can help others with my knowledge."


Eileen has worked at Wigs Naturally for the past 17 years. This is her second stint having worked here for 2 years before leaving to raise her children. She came back because she loved the atmosphere and the closeness she shared with her customers and her fellow employees.

"We are definitely a family. We spend most every day together experiencing both the highs and lows that come with the territory. I can't imagine working anywhere else."

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